Leadership and Staff

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Principal Ms Kim Whyte-Southcombe
Assistant Principal Mrs Marie Iorfino
Religious Education Co-ordinator Mrs Leanna Langlands
Year 6 Teacher Mrs Marie Iorfino
Year 6 Exec Release Teacher
Mrs Amy Watterson
Year 5 Teacher Ms Bridget O’Neill
Year 4 Teacher  
Mr Sasha Juric
Year 3 Teacher Mrs Leanna Langlands
Year 3 Exec Release Teacher
Mrs Marita Wells
Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Honey Hartley
Year 1 Teacher Miss Sarah Buxton
Kindergarten Teacher Miss Meri Hardi
Physical Education Teacher
Mrs Sarah Alderton
Gifted and Talented Intervention Teacher/ICT Admin Mrs Sue Stivala
Reading Recovery Teacher
Mrs Julia Foulkes
Family Faith Educator Mrs Louise Doyle
Creative and Practical Arts Teacher Mrs Julie Traylen
Diverse Learning Teacher
Mrs Breearna O’Donnell
Office Administration Mrs Mary Wheeler
Office Administration
Mrs Noelle Burton
Principal’s Secretary/Learning Support Officer Mrs Robyn Smith
Learning Support Officer
Ms Cheryl Daly
Learning Support Officer Mrs Kay Cummins
Librarian Mrs Verity Temple
Parish Administrator Fr Pierluigi Passoni

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